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In addition to offering research camps at our own site, we have enjoyed participating in the summer programs of many of our partners.  For 2015, our partners have included :  YMCA, Valley Christian School, GRAIL Family Services, Stratford Schools, IBM, and Sierra School.    Some samples of the types of programs we offer are represented in the following brochures for Stratford Schools summer 2015 program.

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Summer Camp : Balance and Motion  6/22 – 6/26    (Grades K-2) Early Elementary Balance and Motion Explorations Camp
Summer Camp : Weather and Rocks   6/29 – 7/2      (Grades K-2) Early Elementary Weather and Rocks Explorations Camp
Summer Camp : Chemistry                     7/6 – 7/10     (Grades K-2) Early Elementary Chemistry Explorations Camp
Summer Camp :  Energy                          7/13 – 7/17    (Grades K-2) Early Elementary Energy Explorations Camp
Summer Camp : Civil Engineering        6/22 – 6/26    (Grades 3-5) Civil Engineering Summer camp
Summer Camp : Science of L da Vinci  6/29 – 7/2      (Grades 3-5) Leonardo da Vinci Summer Camp
Summer Camp : Shocking Science        7/6 – 7/10      (Grades 3-5) Shocking Science Summer Camp
Summer Camp :  Up Up and Away        7/13 – 7/17     (Grades 3-5) Up, Up, and Away Summer Camp





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