Seminar Based Research


Schmahl Science Workshops is pleased to offer our research seminar series.   This program is designed to provide students with an opportunity to build on an interest in research/engineering and develop skills, knowledge and analytics critical to success.

Your student will pursue a topic (or topics) of his/her own interest in a real lab situation, paired with a scientist/engineer mentor who has experience in the chosen research field.  The seminar includes training in lab safety, literature search, lab notebook documentation and, as needed, lab techniques and data analysis.  Seminar participants will also benefit from contextual and historical perspective on the development of the specific scientific concepts and the forward looking relevance to ongoing exploration and research.

By pursuing multiple, well defined investigations, students will have the chance to explore their interests and learn about the subject matter area as well as what it is like to perform the procedures and protocols associated with investigation of the topic.    Seminars are one-to-one pairing of student and mentor and are scheduled individually per the student and mentor availability.


Immediately Available Topics


Organisms for Biological Study

Brine Shrimp Toxicology

Daphnia Bioassay

Micro Biology – Inhibiting Growth of Bacteria

Molecular Biology


Vitamin C Chemistry

Green Chemistry


Comparative Anatomy

Marine Science

Circuits / Arduino

Arduino Practical

Software Development 

 Mechanics of Motion






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