Welcome Homeschoolers!


If you are interested in high school level hands-on science, please take a moment to send an email to us at : customerservice@schmahlscience.org and answer the questions below.

  • What science topic areas are of interest? (e.g. Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Technology, Other – please specify)
  • While you may be open to broad possibilities, is there a specific area that would be a top priority?
  • Are you interested in a workshop series? (typical of high school lab curriculum)
  • Are you interested in a research experience? (e.g. lab techniques, safety practices, research methodology)  OK to answer yes to both this and the previous question  🙂
  • What days/ times are you available? (The more the better :-).)
  • What workshops or research have you completed previously at Schmahl Science Workshops?

Thanks so much for your interest!

The Schmahl Science Team