Welcome Homeschoolers!

In an effort to serve the homeschool community, we are trying a new approach toward defining our academic offering for the Fall of 2017.        Recently, we have made our library of workshops and research topics available for one on one enrollment, which has provided the flexibility to fit into individual schedules with the trade-off of higher cost for the one-on-one experience.

We want to take the month of August to conduct a survey of interested students, looking for commonalities among the group so that we can offer a one-to-multiple experience.  We hope this will allow us to provide the excitement of lab practicals and research modules to students in a more cost effective structure.   The cost of enrollment will heavily depend on the number of students we can combine into one group.      (For 10 hours we expect the cost to be no more than $350.)

We will finalize our plans (content, cost, day of week, time) by 9/1 and complete signups by 9/15 with classes starting the following week.

If you are interested in high school level hands-on science, please take a moment to send an email to us at : customerservice@schmahlscience.org and answer the questions below.     While it is most likely we can define a common group interest if potential students are as open as possible to various options, please try to only list areas of interest that will definitely work.  This will help us narrow on a plan as quickly as possible without finding out late in the planning cycle that interest is not really there.   Thanks!

  • What science topic areas are of interest? (e.g. Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Technology, Other – please specify)
  • While you may be open to broad possibilities, is there a specific area that would be a top priority?
  • Are you interested in a workshop series? (typical of high school lab curriculum)
  • Are you interested in a research experience? (e.g. lab techniques, safety practices, research methodology)  OK to answer yes to both this and the previous question  🙂
  • What days/ times are you available? (The more the better :-).)
  • What workshops or research have you completed previously at Schmahl Science Workshops?

Thanks so much for your interest!

The Schmahl Science Team