Contact us – Dir/Map

Thank you for your interest in Schmahl Science!   We are not easy to find, but we often hear that it is well worth the trip. 😉   The google maps icon at the top of the page will help you find us, or consult the information below.

Customer Service

408 281 7595  x 10

Mailing Address

1650 Senter Road

San Jose, CA 95112

Find Us *

651 Phelan Ave

San Jose, CA 95112

* We are located in a building at the History San Jose Park (which is at the south end of Kelly Park).  To drive to the back parking lot near our building, use the “Find Us” address above.  This address is not necessarily in your Nav System data base, but it is known to google maps.


Please click the below link for a map to our location.