Wish List


Help us with supplies and equipment!

  • Moving out of your home after many years of accumulating ‘stuff’?     Don’t send it to the landfill :-).  Look below to see if your unneeded items can have a new life at Schmahl Science.
  • Many business sponsors, colleges, and universities help Schmahl Science Workshops by providing in-kind donations of supplies, materials, and equipment.


Supplies and Equipment Wish List


Aluminum foil

Bags, Ziploc, all sizes

Balloons, all sizes

Batteries, all sizes, new

Blanket, fire


Bubble Wrap


Circular saw


Clay or Playdough

Copy paper

Cotton Balls


Diaper pads, pet

Dissection equipment, pans, tools etc

Drill, cordless, with matching bits

Flashlights, small, AA size

Food coloring

Gloves, leather or gardening, all sizes

Gloves, nitrile, non powdered, all sizes

Glue gun

Glue sticks

Glue, Elmer’s, gallon size

Hot plates, large or small

Lab coats, white, new or used

Lab equipment, pls contact us for needs

Liquid Nitrogen dewars

Magnets, all types

Markers, dry erase

Markers, washable

Markers, sharpees

Masks, disposable, ear loop

Microwave, small

Multimeters, handheld

Paper plates, large and small

Paper towels

Pens, black ink

pH paper

popsicle sticks, small and wide

plastic utensils; spoons, forks, knives

Q tips

Racquetballs – used 

Soap, Dawn dishwashing

Smart phones, Iphone 3 or higher

Storage containers, large with lids

Storage containers, large with drawers

Straws, drinking

Straws, cocktail

Swiffer cleaning pads

Tape, blue painters

Tape, duct

Tape, electrical

Tape, masking

Tape, scotch

Toothpicks, round


For questions about donations, email customerservice@schmahlscience.org