Advanced Science Research Student – Brown University

I realize it’s been a while since we last talked, so I wanted to update you on how things are turning out for me as I end my high school career.

My top choice is Brown University with the early medical program, and I can’t believe that I was accepted there! I’m SO EXCITED!!!

I just wanted to thank you for everything that you’ve done for me. I wouldn’t have had such an amazing experience with my gastric cancer project (and subsequent City of Hope experience, given that my previous project helped me secure that position) if it hadn’t been for your support. And, if I hadn’t had both experiences, I doubt I would’ve made it into my dream school!

I will keep you updated on where I decide to attend in the fall, and I couldn’t be more excited for the next four (or rather, eight) years of my life! Thank you so much, and let’s keep in touch!


Alexandra W.

Loved Teaching at SSW

“I loved working for Schmahl Science workshops. Everyday was different and the kids were always excited to learn. Students saw my colorful lab coat and hoped that I would be teaching in their classroom that day. You do not often see students that are excited about learning science. Also during my time at SSW, I realized my passion for children and that have the potential to be a great teacher. Due to my job at SSW I decided to become a teacher and I am very grateful for the experiences that I had while I was there.” – Rebecca Eager

Science Research Program

Schmahl Science Workshop (SSW), headed by Mrs. Belinda Schmahl provides a strong science foundation to students who are excited about conducting scientific experiments and who plan to pursue careers in math and science. The mentors are very knowledgeable in their subject areas and have a good track record of guiding their students to win awards at science fairs on the county, state and national level. My children who attend SSW are benefitting tremendously from the in-depth exposure given by their mentors, to the subject matter related to their experiment as well as to how their experiments can detect problems and contribute towards real world solutions. Mrs. Schmahl has begun offering grant writing seminars that help SSW students connect their research to professional organizations. The staff at SSW are supportive of their students.

Science Night

Wow, that was spectacular!

Thank you all so much for Science Night last night… was even better that I imagined!

Your presenters were awesome, as always, and the constant sound of happy, excited, exploring students echoed down the halls as a constant hum………..a beautiful thing.

The students are on their way to a new year of science…..thank you so much for being a part of that!

–Candace Love

Synopsys Fair

Hi Belinda:

Here is a little note to share with your husband: at the Synopsys fair I was scanning all the projects looking for ones that demonstrated hands-on ingenuity. The one that really caught my eye was a water-powered crane.

The young inventor was so excited about it, and so knowledgeable.

I asked him who the man was in the picture on his board, and he said “Mr. Schmahl.” He went on to say how helpful Mr. S. was in helping him overcome the practical challenges that cropped up. He clearly got exactly the mentoring he needed.

It’s no surprise that the 1 student who caught my eye out of 1000 in the room was one of yours! Another wonderful example of SSW in action.

Greg Brown, RAFT , Director of Education